Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thank You, Sunshine!!!

It's been a wonderful, low-key week. Madi and I have enjoyed each others' company... particularly in the sun! We are so blessed to have such a beautiful backyard. It's been a process and it certainly didn't look anything like this 5 years ago (although that didn't stop Mo and I from attempting to lay in the sun... even with the potential of snakes ;). Matt finally got the last part of our fence hung a couple weekends ago and it feels SOOOO nice to have a completely private backyard.

Some of my favorite things about it: It's big and open. There is generally always a sunny spot and most of the time a shady spot. Our grass is GREEN and healthy (although not currently up to Matt's standard). I have a perfect little garden spot. We have a sliding glass door that WORKS (and is really nice) that comes straight out to the backyard from the house. My kitchen window (above the sink) looks right out into our yard (quite possibly the nicest part)! We have a cozy little patio table with chairs that we can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at. Madelyn has a sandbox, with clean fresh sand (No "Ucky worms" in Madi's words...), that she LOVES to play in! She also has LOTS of fun bubble toys that she absolutely LOVES thanks to friends and family! It's completely fenced, which means no children or dogs can get out and no neighbors can see in!

If you choose to peak over the fence, you may or may not find a large pregnant woman walking around in her swimsuit. Don't say you haven't been warned!

I know that the sun is just teasing us and it will soon be gone for too long, but we did our part in soaking it up while it's been here!

(And for the record, this blanket was not used to cover up with, but as an attempt for me to lay on my stomach... =)

I have a feeling this might be our little haven for the summer!

A few things I can't wait for: Even warmer weather so we can break out the kiddie pool and sprinklers! Popsicles!!! =)

We love you sunshine! Please come back soon!!!

P.S. These sunglasses did NOT come off today! She loves them. =)

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