Monday, January 31, 2011


Madi is changing ever so fast these days. I mean, there's never really been a point when it hasn't seem like she is constantly growing in leaps and bounds, but these days it's just so much more little girl than we're used to.

This afternoon she was prancing around in her little sweat-suit with her hood on and her hands stuffed in her pockets (surprise, surprise, I know!) sitting in every little chair she could find.

This is the after-shadow of her leaning back with her hands in her pockets and her feet propped up on another chair.

I tried really hard to get a picture of it, but of course she pulls her hands out RIGHT away and acts like she was never acting "cool" in the first place!

She just seems to have this confidence about her and her world that radiates when she's around...

I don't think it's just the fact that she's packing a gun around, or the fact that she lets everyone know it's "Madi's gun"...

...Or the fact that sometimes it looks like she may have had a sip of something extra fermented...

Whatever it is...

I have NO idea where she gets it from!

**Picture taken courtesy of Madelyn**


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tutus and Galoshes...

Madi has turned into quite the helper in her old age. She loves doing just about anything with us! This afternoon Matt decided he had a few minutes to give Winston a bath and Madelyn was insistent on offering her services as well!

As you can see, that pretty much meant that she wanted to prance around outside with her hands in her pockets!

We're both pretty sure she didn't take her hands out of her pockets once.

Even when she tripped head-first onto the ground...

She just laid there waiting - convinced that someone should help her up!

Winston got over it quickly...

I'm pretty sure he started a little whine right here, which was supposed to be interpreted, "She's flopping again! Don't give her any attention!"

Yes, I did help her up after I got a few tutu in the air shots!


You would have too!

It didn't seem to phase her much... she kept marching around with dirt on her face and her hands in her pockets like nothing ever happened.

Matt thinks we need to start writing our own children's book series about a little girl that doesn't go anywhere without a tutu and galoshes...

Watch out Olivia books... here comes Madelyn!!!


Happy Saturday!