Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ski Bum...

It's official...

Our baby girl isn't a baby anymore.


She's a big girl!

And she's a ski-bum!

At 22 months (almost) she's one tough cookie! We took her up to Hoodoo today and threw her on the chair lift... okay, with my loving arms around her. I skied down with her a few times and then we started pushing her back and forth. Finally, on our last run I pushed her down from the top and let her go until she crashed! I know. Many of you are probably freaking out right now about how mean that was, but she lived, and I knew she would! She shed a few (unnecessary) tears, mostly because she was pretty tired and I snuggled her and told her she was okay (which she was) and then we skied down together!

She loved it!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

(All I have to say about this picture is: TOO MUCH!!!)

This was after our very first run together. She was going "Weeee" the whole way down and then I realized when we stopped that she couldn't see a thing! That was when I knew she would make a great ski bum. If she had that much fun and couldn't even see, just think about how much fun it is with eyes!!!

She slumped into a complete trans everytime we rode the lift together... it was SO funny! And for some reason she thinks the lift is a boat! I have no idea...

Slight size difference!

Her first time on skis!!!

Me and my baby, I mean "big girl"...

Daddy and his girl!

One happy skier!

The two of us on the lift - it's a hard concept to look at the camera...

She was getting SO good!

... until next time!