Friday, January 31, 2014

Another October Day...

Since I'm still stuck in October (and longing for sunshine...), I thought I'd continue with the pumpkin patch theme. We had LOTS of beautiful days in October and thankfully we spent most of them soaking up the last of the rays. Autumn is SO beautiful in the Willamette Valley! 

I'm not sure what farm this was we went to. We just followed the Konrads until they pulled into the parking lot. It was small and cute and had all the necessary pumpkin patch amenities (pumpkins, barnyard animals, hay rides, etc.). 

We love these friends and have so many wonderful memories together... So here's to another picture overload!

Jude is almost exactly a month older than Emmitt. 

They love to play together...and stir the pot together! ;)

He's kind of serious about this thing called a football...

She's kind of a natural big sister... no matter how much "smaller" than her they are...

Auntie Sharon even came by for a little bit!

This boy and his tractors...

Classic! "Yup, we're having fun!"

The Konrad family!

The Olson family!

And last, but not least, the Konolsonrad family! Can't wait to see who the next two babies will be... probably two more out world! ;)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

And...We're Back!!

I know, I know. It's been For eeeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrr! I'm sorry, mostly for myself. I love looking back at old blogposts and reliving memories (most of them ;) and I'm sad I've missed documenting a chunk of time. A HUGE chunk of time, obviously, as I look back through pictures.  I had already sorted through these pics (back in October) and evidently never finished blogging about them, so here they are. 

I'm currently longing for sun-filled days and popsicles, but pictures of a cool, crisp morning with apples and donuts will have to do instead. This is definitely the time of year Matt and I always start having conversations about all the sunny places we could move to... not that we know any different, but warmth sure sounds nice! ;)

Evidently Madi's grown another 2 inches since October (that's probably not even an exaggeration) and Emmitt has just plain gotten BIG! He talks like a big kid; he acts like a big kid and he's grown like a weed, which means he's pretty much a big kid... with the exception of crapping his pants.  Hopefully some things will change...

My Grandma came and spent the month of October at my parents'. We were able to spend lots of time with her, which we all loved. One morning we met Grandma and my mom (Nana), Haley & the boys, and later Ramie and her two kiddos at Bauman's Farm. This is definitely one of the best pumpkin patches in the valley, and thankfully this wasn't our only trip there for the season! 

Here's just a few pics of the kiddos:

Emmitt (2), Crosby (3), Madi (4), Michael (6) and Seven (8)! Believe it or not, this makes up only 5/8ths of the grandkids, soon to be 5/9ths!

This kid might be one of the funniest people alive... never lacking in expressions, that's for sure!

Although someone must give him a run for his money...

Haley and the baby that made her a mommy. :) How'd he get so big?!?! :(

Preparing to jump... this is my LIFE!!!

Coming out as a zombie was a super big hit (in case you couldn't tell). 

Also, random quote from Madi this fall, "Hey Mom, I think when I grow up I'm going to be a zombie cause Seven and Michael REALLY like zombies!!" 

Good, Mads, way to aim high! (I assured Matt not to worry. When we were little my sister used to pick 'working at McDonald's' for her dream job when we'd play MASH and she's proven to be much more successful thus far... ;)

Such a diva among all the boys... *sigh*

Haley insisted on a picture of her milking the cow. I think it suits her well. :)

Judson and Cooper met us towards the end. They now have a new baby brother too!!! 

Cooper and Em are only 2 weeks apart, such good little friends, although we are starting to see more of the boys choosing to play together and the girls choosing to play together as they are getting older... I have no idea why?!? ;)

Proof Weston was with us. :)

And since I apparently never got a picture of my Grandma or mom with us. I added this one of her reading the kids bedtime stories one night at our house. Emmitt was quite accustomed to Grandma staying here and asked several times when we'd go to Nana's house after she left, "Hey, where's Grandma?!?" :) She loved spending time with all the kiddos too, which was so special to watch!

So, hopefully this won't be the last post for the month, but I dare not jinx myself and promise that!!!