Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Colors...

Our spring break has come to an end. =( It was quick, but we are oh so thankful for it! We even had a few days of sunshine, which we didn't waste at all! Here are just a few memories...

Madi practicing her "skills" with Daddy!

He is the funniest guy around... or so she THINKS! =)

Madi loves to be moving... I don't know where she gets it from?!?!

My favorite shot...

Another fave...

Attacking the camera!!!

Riding her fire engine!

Sweet baby girl, and yes, she is still a BABY!

We think crying pictures are pretty cute sometimes, okay, maybe always.

And last, but not least, we wore her out well this week! This growing business certainly takes its toll!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog Worthy...

I know, don't say it. I have SUCKED at blogging lately. I'm well aware of it. Don't hate. I'll try and make up for it this week.

We have had a busy few weeks and I fully intend to post-blog, if you will, but you will have to bare with me.

For now, I will blog about our most recent happenings, which are QUITE blog worthy. =)

We met a new friend today, and he is VERY special. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves -
he pretty much melts your heart...

His name is Droiy (pronounced Drew) and he was just adopted by our good friends Ben and Sarah.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of him!

He's just THAT cute!

Unless, of course, my camera was taking pictures of this little princess...

... who also melts our heart. =)

They like each other...

We promise - there were just more interesting things going on around them...

It doesn't get much better than Daddies pushing their babies in swings!

Especially when Daddies enjoy it more than this...

It's hard to beat. I know, but it's true!

I think I've found a new job for myslef. I'm just going to follow these two guys around and take pictures of them playing with their kiddos. =) Sounds good to me!

These babies can't get enough of their Dads. They have to keep their eyes on them! ;)

This is when Droiy had me wrapped around his heart, when he put his arms up and wanted to snuggle in my lap.

I couldn't resist! =)

And this is officially the best picture of the day. Unfortunately, I didn't take it. =( Matt did... BUT, I did learn about a new setting on our camera, so watch out world!!!

And, I couldn't help but take a couple progressive pics of our little girl swinging...

... with her new BIG girl shoes on!

All tuckered out...

And a couple more pictures of my new little friend. Ahem, I mean "our" new little friend!

We love you Droiy Comstock and we are SO happy to finally meet you!!!

I told you that was blog worthy!!! =)