Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have so many things to say! I am currently sitting at our computer sipping on a delicious latte of some sort (delivered to me out of the blue by my FABULOUS sis-in-law Haley) sorting through pictures of beautiful little children.

Not that I'm biased.

We had a wonderful weekend filled with family and a few close friends celebrating Madelyn's birthday and then we rushed off Sunday afternoon for the Emerald City to greet the newest member of the Lambert family, Jude Alexander Lambert! It was a perfect end to our long-weekend!

Madelyn LOVES being a big cousin and she takes her role very seriously! Baby Jude is the sweetest little guy and OH-SO-CUTE too! Impressive, for a newborn, I must admit! ;)

When we told Madi that Jude was born (in the car on the way to Seattle), she instantly said, "Madi wock, wock?!?" Yes, she was requesting to rock him...

We let him have his first day of life here on Earth to adjust to adult arms and then we swarmed right in on Day 2 and got him nice and acquainted to his cousins! He seems to have a mutual affection for them! =) And, his parents were/are very gracious to share their new bundle of love with the fam!!! We sure loved it!

Michael and Madi spent lots of their birthday in a car or at the hospital. This picture depicts WAY TOO MUCH personality, if that is even possible. You can see why I couldn't resist posting it.

You see, Michael is FULL of personality (although he may appear quite dull in this picture); it just usually appears when people least expect it. For example, I recently took Michael, Madi and Crosby to the store to do some last minute shopping and I planned a quick stop at Jamba Juice (I had a coupon for a $1 smoothie, surprise, surprise ;) to "entertain" the kids while I did my business. I lugged Croz into the shop (why don't Jambas have drive throughs?!?!) and Michael and Madi followed patiently. When we got into the store, Michael decided he was going to befriend a complete stranger of a man (about my Dad's age) by walking up and grabbing around his leg. Yes, quite inappropriate as Micheal is NOT a short child. The man was very nice and so was his wife, but seriously?!?! WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIM!!! (Insert many more examples here...)

And although it took Michael a while to admit that he does love Madi, the evidence is clear. He loves her.

As long as she does what he wants her to...

On Michael's defense, he was the youngest of the grand babies until Madelyn, the only girl, decided to be born on HIS birthday. She was clearly attempting to make her mark ever so clear to Michael and he wasn't going to just let her barge right in. Madi picked up on Michael's disinterest in her at a very young age (by at least 6 months) and began taunting him from the get go. Thus their relationship has progressed into a love-hate sort of feeling depending on the mood...

I caught a love-moment here, as Michael is going in to reciprocate the cheek-kiss...

Birthday buds!

And then you throw this crazy cousin into the mix and the party just began!!!

ALL of the grandkids, make picture taking quite the challenge! Seven, of course, is a natural poser. Michael does NOT want to acknowledge a camera 3 feet from his face (personality, noted). Madelyn is OBSESSED with other babies' binkis. Crosby is too young and innocent (and overpowered) to do anything besides chill. And Jude, well, he's just experiencing this all for the first time...

It was worth an attempt. I didn't actually expect to get eye contact from everyone...

Pure sweetness... Michael David (05/16/2007). Madelyn Ann (05/16/2009). Jude Alexander (05/15/2011). Jude missed "the day" by a little less than eight and a half hours. We were a little disappointed, but I'm still giving Krista credit for getting him so close! =)

The biggest and the littlest... He's a PRO at being a big cousin/big brother. I.can't.believe. he's almost 6!!! =(

It seems like just yesterday we welcomed you into this world, Seven! At this very same hospital too! We were SOOOO excited to meet you!!!

We are so blessed. Blessed with wonderful family. Blessed to have good relationships with each other and blessed to be welcoming another baby boy into the family in August.

And for another post:

I can't believe I have a TWO year old daughter...

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