Wednesday, May 25, 2011


One of my favorite things to do is listen to Matt and Madi playing together while I'm busy doing something around the house. In the evenings basketball playoffs often make their way onto our television screen. Weird, right?!? =) The topic of conversation lately has been which "color" we're rooting for. Of course, since the Blazers were knocked out we don't have a huge passion for any team left, but Matt generally still has a preference in who he would like to see win each series. A typical conversation might go as follows:

Matt: "Daddy's rooting for the blue team, Madi."
Mads: "Madi white one."
Matt: "No, not the white one!"
Mads: "Haha. Madi blue one too."

The other night I was making dinner and Matt said, "Jules, come take our picture." (As if I don't take enough! ;)

I didn't complain though...

I'm not sure which team won, nor do I really care...

I'm not sure it really matters when you get to watch "backeyball" together! =)

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