Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Ducks...

These pictures are a few weeks old... okay, about four weeks old, but I have been wanting to share them and haven't gotten to it. Madi and I went to a check-up at the doctor for "baby brudder" and it was such a beautiful day that we decided to stop and feed the ducks! Ironically, I had ran to the store in the morning before work and picked up a loaf of bread, so we shared our usually uneaten heals with them. ;)

"Gucks, Mama"

These two ducks became our friends right away! (Apparently the others were too dumb!) They came right up to us and did NOT seem to be scared!

For the most part, Madi loved it.

Until this happened...

In which case, this followed:

I pretty much had to convince her that she could still take steps and then eventually I hauled her off to the car. Meanwhile, she continued to tell me about the mud on her shoes.

Thanks for the visit "gucks"...

You're welcome for the bread! =)

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