Monday, May 23, 2011

Davie Dear...

Today Dave would be turning 32, but God had other plans. He's been celebrating in heaven for almost ten years now. Although, to him it probably feels like it's been about 10 minutes. He spent a wonderful 22 years here on Earth, and he certainly made the most of it!

I was organizing another closet of ours yesterday (surprise, I know... please look forward to an "organizing" post soon ;) and stumbled across a couple pictures I just had to share!

Please be forewarned these were taken with cheap 35 mm cameras over ten years ago, and well, you get what you get! =)

This is what I remember about Dave...

He loved people!

He loved having a good time! (Riding bikes, hanging out, making people laugh, snowboarding, you name it. Life was all about enjoying the good times!)

He loved picking on people. Especially his adopted little sisters... To this day I can't think about Madi having "chipmunk cheeks" without hearing Dave make fun of mine. I wish so badly he had a chance to meet her! I'm sure she's just as easy to pick on as we were!

He loved Jesus! I can still picture him worshiping the Lord with his bass.

He wasn't afraid to die. He knew where he was going and for some strange reason, especially looking back on his life, I truly think he knew he was only going to be around for a little while.

He always had a peace about him. Whether he was laying on the couch, sprawled out on the floor, or ignoring his pain in a hospital bed... he always had a peaceful presence.

I miss him so much and I know I'm not the only one. It's bittersweet because I can only imagine what he experiences everyday (if there are even "days" in heaven) and yet selfishly we wish he could be here with us. I love to think about what he would be like now and how he would respond to situations or people. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful brother and friend! Thanks for sharing him Newell family!

And now, for a flashback to the 90's...

Oh yeah, there's some air!!! ;)

They spent hours doing this, literally...

And obviously it didn't really pay off! ;)

Don't worry Jordan, we'll blame the slow 35 mm camera for not catching you in the air! Praise the Lord for SLR cameras! =)


Hours and hours were spent hanging around drinking Dr. Pepper (and Mt. Dew)... and yes, those are wine glasses they're using!

Another crappy pic, but such great memories! We had gone for a bike ride down to the cemetery (I think) and brought along a picnic. (I'm sure I probably packed it for the boys.) I have NO idea what reflection I was taking this picture in though... if only my memory was as stellar as some!

And this, was Easter Sunday... all of the boys fell fast asleep after stuffing themselves full! You can see John up in the top left corner (also partying in heaven now), Josh, Dave, Dad, and Jordan! Gotta love the old brown couch too!

Finally, (another picture I found while scrounging last night), this was the evening Dave went into the hospital, never to step foot outside again. He fought hard and long, but I'll give it to him: Heaven is a much better place! Three months and two days later he went home to be with his Lord and Savior.

Thank you, Lord, for sharing your son Dave with us. We have many wonderful memories of time spent together! You created a loving, kind, courageous man of God (although, not perfect ;)!

We miss you Dave! Thanks for living in our hearts and memories forever!

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