Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Days...

This will be quick, but I have GOT to get back in the hang of blogging. I miss making memories on here and it sure looks like our summer has been pretty blaw! For the most part, no one has really missed anything! BUT, we're starting to get out and about a bit and I'd hate to forget to document it! =)

Yesterday, we had our carpets cleaned for FREE because I won a drawing at Summerfest last weekend! It was SO fun! My carpets look amazing. I told the man that I haven't ever loved them this much and he kind of looked at me funny... anyway. Loved it! So, once Summit Cleaning was on there way, we opened up some windows and started some fans and headed up to Wilsonville to play with friends!

We dropped off Matt with Ben and picked up Ben's little boy Droiy and headed over to Memorial Park to have some REAL summer fun!

Once again, I always have a hard time picking which pictures to post...

... of course this picture was a must!

... and maybe this one too...

(This picture says SO much about our little Madelyn's personality...)

The first of many!

Kissing another boyfriend...

... and another!

One of my faves, even though the quality is really poor!

And finally, the best group shot I could get!

Here's to four REALLY cute kids!!!

If I may say so myself! =)