Saturday, May 18, 2013

He Did It!!!

A year ago tomorrow I sat down to write about the completion of our first ever Sprint Triathlon.  It was Matt's first "competitive" event since his surgery and essentially the first athletic thing he was able to do in over two years! I'm so thankful I've documented these milestones; although it's not always often, it allows me to remember things better than I know I would have otherwise. When I read last year's post I was reminded of how far Matt had come last spring and as I think about last May in comparison to this May I am again left completely in awe of how hard he has worked.  (And how GREAT our God really is!)

It hasn't been easy, and just like last year, three mornings of swimming per week have turned into three mornings of swimming PLUS a bike ride in the evening or a three mile run and little by little Matt has gotten stronger and stronger. Last year he finished the swim and bike portion of this event and said, "Next year I'm going to do the whole thing." This year came around and sure enough, I was kicked off the team...

And although I was a little sad, I was even more proud! Not only did Matt finish the whole thing this year he RAN three miles in under 30 minutes! His swim time improved by over 3 minutes (sort of huge for swimming), and he completed all three events in one hour and thirty-seven minutes!

This video isn't all that exciting.  It's ten seconds of a thirty year old man running (with a happy family cheering in the background), but if you have any idea how long and hard this journey has been, you'll know how exciting it is! 

Three years of hard work and perseverance and this man can RUN again!

His next goal?


"It's not exactly a 'spectator' sport..." (Sorry Dad, I had to add this! ;)

 So thankful for and in love with this man! 

And because today wouldn't be complete without this guy stealing the show...


... and in case this guy's not enough of a motivator, there's plenty of inspirational videos out there! Believe me, we watch 'em all! =)

Happy "training" everyone!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goodbye, Three!

Dear Madelyn, 

Today you turn FOUR years old. This birthday has been so very anticipated! You spent many hours daydreaming about what it would be like to be four and you even told me all of the things that four year olds can do that three year olds can't do. Mommy and daddy have teased you A LOT about staying three forever, but we knew this day would come.  We teased you so much over the last few months that you were crying in bed a few nights ago because you were nervous to turn four.  Daddy heard you crying and snuck in to reassure you that we are VERY proud of you and even though we get a little bit sad we love that you are growing into a beautiful, happy, healthy young lady.  

I hope you enjoy four as much as you did three.  You always tell us that you want to get older so that you can hold your baby brother better.  We think it is so sweet. You are the BEST big sister and it melts Mama's heart to watch you take care of Emmitt.  I hope that you and Emmitt always have a very special relationship with one another. I hope you always enjoy spending time together and playing with each other. I hope you have many, many days of playing outside, building forts and riding bikes together. I hope you always look out for Emmitt, even when he grows too big for you to hold him. 

I often tell you that my favorite job in the whole world is being your Mommy and it's very true. I feel like the luckiest Mama in the world. If I could choose any little girl in the whole wide world, it would be YOU. 

I love watching you grow up, and even though I have a little tiny cringe in my stomach and a lump in my throat when I think about how fast four years have gone by it mostly makes me happy. Happy that you have given Mommy and Daddy so many wonderful memories; happy that you absolutely love to live life, and happy that you soak up everything around you like a little sponge. 

I pray that as you continue on your journey you will keep learning about Jesus and how much he loves you even more than Mommy and Daddy do. 

I love you to the moon and back. I love you the mostest, and I love you more each day. 


Happy fourth birthday, Madelyn! You rock swim goggles like nobody's biz-ness!!!