Monday, August 5, 2013

Impromptu Beach Trip!

Matt was reading Madi a book last Tuesday morning that had a beach in it. I don't even remember which book it was, but it prompted the comment, man, the beach sure sounds like fun!


We threw the sand toys into the car, loaded the lifejackets, pulled out a picnic blanket and headed west. 

I love living so close to the ocean. 

Our kids are sort of obsessed with the sand and water... and just playing. 

 They would have been very content digging and splashing for another four hours, but unfortunately Matt and I couldn't stop thinking about fish and chips.

Yup. That's how we roll.  Motivated by food. 

We played and played though, until there was sand in every. single. crevice. 


There was LOTS of jumping, especially into water. 

This picture was only included as proof that I attempted a cute picture of the kids together. Fail. 

And when we finally convinced the kids they were cold (shivering wasn't convincing enough) and hungry. We headed to J's Fish and chips and ate some deep fried shrimp and halibut. 


It was so. good.

We topped the trip off with a little salt water taffy and an ice cream cone for the ride home. 

I love my family.

I love impromptu beach trips. 

And I love summer time. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Twice in one week!  Say what?!?!?

It's true.  We're alive! 

This weekend was Salem's annual Hoopla Festival. If you live in the Willamette Valley and you haven't been, then you've probably at least been irritated by the amount of streets that are closed down for four days. This thing is HUGE. It amazes me every year. On Saturday alone there were over 50,000 people at the event (that's like half of Salem's population) and in total the event boasts more than 1,000 volunteers. Now, from a community coordinator's standpoint, that sort of makes me want to take a nap and never wake up, but it's awesome to see the reality of it. I saw someone post this on Facebook and thought it was worthy of sharing:

 "There aren't really words to describe what an awesome event Hoopla is! I know most people are amazed by the athletes, the 800+ teams, and knock down drag out games; and rightfully so. However, for me, I'm impressed by all the strong leaders that coordinate the scoring, display conflict resolution, pull together volunteers and handle all the other the logistics. I'm even more blown away by how selfless and giving the high school and middle school kids are to give back to our community for 6 straight long days, and ask for nothing back in return. Our girls' basketball program couldn't have been a better example of how much more rewarding it is to give back and provide joy for so many others! Couldn't be more thankful to be apart of Salem Hoopla!"

Anywho... Matt's worked the tourney for several years now and was actually quoted in the Statesman Journal last Friday. He was interviewed on the news, as well, but we don't get tv and I don't know which station it was...

The kids and I just stopped by to watch some basketball, splash in the fountains, drink some Jamba Juice, and well, do a little people watching, cause let's be honest, this is the best kinda place for that!

Madelyn has got to be one of the best big sisters EVER. 

Such a Madi face...

These two sure love each other!

Until next year, Hoopla!!!