Friday, February 24, 2012

SIX Months!

It's crazy how fast time flies by!  Seriously, crazy! In just another short six months Emmitt will be ONE! A whole year old! 

I like to think it will take forever to get here, but it really won't...

Until then, we'll savor every moment of this sweet boy's baby stage!  

He's cute.

He's cuddly.

He giggles.

He laughs.

He smiles. 

He glares.

He coos.

He grunts (oh man, does he grunt).

He rolls.

He lunges.

He crawls.

He loves to stand.

He thinks his sister is the funniest thing ever... even when she's "not funny".

He loves being cuddled and he gets nursed to sleep pretty much for every nap (exactly what I swore I'd never do!)

But pretty much, he's just the sweetest thing!

Thanks for all the smiles, Em! You sure do make us smile!

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