Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cyber World

As we were bustling through Costco today, attempting to check off the grocery list before Emmitt's doctor's appointment, I overheard another mother say to her cart surrounded with children.  "No, honey, we're going to try and make some homemade pop tarts.  I saw Anna's mommy post it on her blog and it looked like such a great idea!"

Aw. I smiled, and probably even chuckled to myself.  This is the epitome of motherhood today, right?  It's our virtual world.  The way we stay in touch with other Mommy-friends.  Madi loves to look at Emma's pictures with me... and homemade pop tarts?  Pretty much everyone attempts to be all-natural these days!  (Or is it just the Pacific Northwest? Jess?) I almost stopped her just to ask where I could find the recipe.  Meh, I have google.

What DID moms do thirty years ago?  Okay, okay, besides laundry, and housework, and dishes, and cooking, and grocery shopping, and sewing projects, and attempting to take the mundane tasks of life and teach valuable lessons to their children... I get it! And yes, I'll admit, I'd be much more productive if we didn't have an internet connection at our house, but the thought of it sort of scares me, not gonna lie!  A world surrounded by the walls of my house?!?!  Oh the things I would focus on... or would I?  I'm sure I would find other distractions. It's innate, right?

On that note, I love blogging.  I love that I've created a database of memories that we can scroll through and reminisce about.  I love reading other blogs and seeing friends' pictures or hearing about their life.  I love reading online articles or frugal mommy blogs that share the latest cyber deals or money saving tips!  It feels so natural and limitless.  While tutoring this morning, my student mentioned that he can't wait for when he is older and can say to someone younger, "Yeah, I was alive in 2012" and have them think that sounds SO long ago.  He then informed met hat he was born in 1999 and I explained to him what Y2K was and that I was alive before computers.  Jaw dropped.  Conversation over. Back to the books.

Why do I make myself sound so old sometimes?!?

I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite "cyber" posts lately.  This is why I love the internet! kThey're a bit random, but I enjoyed them all! =)

First off, MamaNatural videos.  Oh. So. Funny.  Fair warning, these may make absolutely NO sense to you, but in the "baby world" these are buzz words! Enjoy Mama friends! =)

A random blog:

I stumbled across this article over the weekend and loved reading it!  Matt's almost done with basketball "season" for the year and I can tell I've been getting less-patient with my kiddos.  I felt convicted when I read this and I was reminded of all I have to be THANKFUL for!

A random article:

A friend posted this on Facebook a couple weeks ago and I laughed aloud a couple times.  I'll admit, I haven't let myself get into Pinterest.  Not because I doubt that it's the coolest thing around these days, but because I know I'd waste way too much time on there!  I have used it twice: once to search for a tri-tip recipe and once to attempt to find a cool way to hang/organize our pathetic packback/school bag disaster-ness... that, unfortunately, was an epic fail.  I got frustrated (I was using the app on my phone) and gave up!

All that to say, this article was a great reminder of a heavenly focus! Thanks, Sarah! =)


So... what are your favorite things to waste time doing at the computer?!?!  Or am I the only one that loves my internet connection?


  1. The recipe is in Baby Super Food!!

  2. I almost didn't blog tonight but then I read your post and I had to! :) I love having the internet - I find a lot of inspiration in the blogs that I read, but I totally waste too much time reading about other people's lives instead of living mine...

    I'm with ya though - I love my internet connection!