Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Mornings


I just love them. 

I may not get up early to go to work everyday anymore, but there is still something so sweet about Saturday mornings.  Probably because they're the only morning that we have together as a family so we generally all end up in our bed by sometime around 7:30 pretending that we are really sleeping through slobber, kicks to the face, giggling, "Dada, it's light outside. Time to wake up!", and eventually Dora on the ipad...

Yeah... we're pretty good at pretending. 

This Saturday fell right in synch with many other Saturdays.  When I was done pretending, I made sure the baby was fed and snuck off the bed and locked myself in the bathroom for almost an hour to clean it and then shower! 

Yup, just me and pandora. 

It's amazing the things moms look forward to...

Anybody else need me to come clean their bathroom?  I'm requesting childcare in return. 

Anyway, we had a delicious mid-morning brunch of fruit and quiche (one of my favorite breakfast meals... I'm not sure anything beats breakfast burritos...) and then Matt decided to take Madelyn outside to practice "pedaling".  

That turned into watching mommy and daddy attempt to ride the scooter, which was probably equally entertaining.  

Em chilled on the front step and laughed at all of us.  He was probably devising a plan to attempt to ride it himself.  He's working on his escape method from the exosaucer first though...

*All pictures of me riding the scooter were deleted as they were way too inappropriate.*  

 Madi insisted on bringing a "field journal" along for the ride too.  AKA, her pink Bible...

 Now I'm reveling in silence as both children nap AT THE SAME TIME!

Oops.  Sorry for yelling. 

Matt's at the gym already and we will be headed to watch another basketball game here shortly.  Madi asked me at the lunch table, "Mama, how do we cheer?" (As if she hasn't been to dozens of basketball games already in her short life...)

We practiced things like, "Go Storm!" "Defense!" and "Go Meshmeketa (Chemeketa)!"

Happy Saturday!!! =)


  1. I hope the "pedaling" lessons were a success!! I will have to check out the progress next week on another stroller/bike ride excursion! Glad we were able to "cheer" with you tonight! (Enjoyed the added bonus of seeing Uncle Nene, Aunt Stacie and Cameron too.)

  2. Have I told you lately how much I love your life?!? Love those sweet faces! Thanks for chatting last night! MIss you all :(