Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just in Time!

It's amazing how the sun tends to come out at just the right time.  I know I can't really complain much about our weather this winter.  We've had lots of beautiful days, but deep down inside I know that any day now it's going to start raining and never. stop.

Or as Matt puts it, as soon as the first day of track rolls around the faucets will turn on for the next three months.  And he's right. 

Yesterday was awfully gloomy though.  So gloomy that I wasted WAY too much of my day looking for tropical escape packages that we won't be taking.  Cabo San Lucas, San Diego, San Antonio, Las Vegas, anywhere with a lazy river was exactly where I wanted to be.  Good use of time, right? 

Thankfully the clouds broke sometime this morning and the sun popped through just in time for lunch to end and me to tell these two to grab their boots and head to the backyard!

Don't let this guy fool you.  He might look cute, but he has a tail that can hit you at 90 mph like you didn't know what was coming! I overheard Matt say to someone the other day, "If it were up to Jules, she'd put this guy on craigslist and give him away for free and not bat an eyelash, but she knows how much he means to Madi and me."

It's true.  

They're lucky I love them. 

Cause I hate dog hair!

Anyway, it was perfect.  We pretended it was summer and somehow the hose even got pulled out.  I acted like I didn't notice and just kept snapping pictures.  

They're young.

And resilient. 

A little water never hurt anyone!

I lounged on the floor in our dining room and enjoyed the sweet rays with the backdoor open.  It wasn't exactly a beach on the Sea of Cortez, but it'll do for this February day...

Meanwhile, this little guy thought he was pretty funny when he crawled under the table and got stuck.  

I'm pretty sure he can't wait to tottle around the backyard in his big sister's footsteps!

Soon enough, baby boy. 

Soon enough!

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