Sunday, November 6, 2011

A First Time for Everything...

I was just recently having a conversation with my good friend Ramie about how we had never experienced our children throwing up (other than going to get them in the morning and finding that they had thrown up in their cribs).

I should have known better...

On Thursday night it hit this girl with a vengeance.... 

We had tucked her in and both kids were asleep in their bedroom (they've only been sleeping together for about a week now) when we all of the sudden heard a horrible cry.  I looked at Matt and asked if I should get a bucket.  He opened the door to their bedroom and we both knew it had been too late...

She was COVERED in barf... and likewise, so was her bed!

Now for all of you parents who have not experienced this yet, my advice is to skip the bathtub (which is the first thing that comes to mind).  Within a half an hour she managed to cover everything on her bed in barf, the couch cushion, the carpet, my clothes and at least three sets of pajamas.  I was convinced our washing machine would never keep up with us, but by the third time she was finally hitting the bucket... as long as we were there to shove it in front of her face.

Poor girl.

She was miserable, and so was watching her continue to dry heave the rest of the night. =(

I convinced Matt that we would be fine and that he should try and get some sleep because he had to be at work the next day.  

Madelyn finally stopped throwing up around 3 AM, which was about a half an hour before Emmitt woke up to eat for the first time.  She was still awake so I turned on Dora while I nursed Emmitt and put him back to bed.  We both fell asleep in each others' arms sometime around 4:30 in the morning... just three short hours before Emmitt decided to wake up for the day!

Let's just say we didn't get out of our pajamas on Friday! Instead we grabbed our pile of "Curry George" books from the library and snuggled up in Madi's cozy bed on the living room floor.  

I prayed that I wouldn't have to see anyone's food twice (including my own) unless it was in a diaper and continued to pig-out like any other Friday. 

Don't judge.  I'm a nursing mom. 
(I must admit, my favorite part about sick kids is how snuggly they get.  This girl couldn't get enough of her Momma.)

Matt came home early from school on Friday and was convinced he didn't feel good.  He threw up a few times Friday night, but seems to be doing well now.  I'd like to hope that this is the first, and last stomach flu we'll be experiencing this Fall/Winter, but I won't hold my breath. 

The floors have been vacuumed. The sheets have been washed.  Everything and everyone has been wiped down with Lysol and we are all sleeping in our own beds tonight! Bring it on Daylight Savings.  We're ready for the new week!

Have I mentioned how badly I want to shampoo my carpets?!?!

Yeah... I can't WAIT!


  1. Ugh!! Not some of the "fine" times as a moma we want to remember. I'ms so glad that you are on the mend and that you were able to avoid it (especially with all the people that kept barfing on you---tutor child, daycare child, tutor child sibling....etc. What a week!) On to better weeks......

  2. As soon as I heard that Madi was sick, I thought of our recent conversation. Ugh! And from your mom's comment, it sounds like you've been dealing with a lot of barf. Hopefully it's all over now...