Tuesday, November 22, 2011


 ... did she get so big?

I've been asking myself this question almost daily lately and I still can't seem to come up with the answer.  It seems like just yesterday I was rocking her in her bedroom after feeding her and she was only two weeks old.  This week she turned 2 and a  half and I can hardly believe it!

However, she is such a little GIRL now!

 Okay, so maybe I should have used pictures where she wasn't playing with a toy gun (without a shirt on) before I emphasized the girl... she might be a little tomboy, but still, she's all girl!


She is SO sweet and loving and absolutely adores taking care of people... especially babies!  She talks in a sweet "cooing" voice every time she talks to her "brudder" and she is always ready to help take care of him.  I originally grabbed my camera today because I had left Emmitt on the floor while I ran to throw some things in the wash and I asked Madi to "watch" brother for a minute.  When I came right back, she had a pile of books and she was reading them to him.  She does this all the time and my favorite part is that she always turns the book so that he can see the pictures (like a teacher, surprise, surprise ;).  Of course, by the time I got the camera she instantly dropped the books and grabbed her toy gun.  Such is life.  

She did offer to give brother a kiss for me though! 

She is such a wonderful big sister and she absolutely adores her baby brudder.  Lately she has mentioned getting a baby sister a few too many times for our liking though.  Evidently she thinks they're easier to come by than they truly are.  The other day we pulled into the drive way and she noticed Matt still wasn't home so she said, "Where's Dada?"  I told her he was at the doctor (he was really at physical therapy, but it sounded easier to me).  She quickly replied, "Oh, he gonna bring us home a baby sista?"

Um, no.

A month or so ago we had a similar conversation, only my phone rang and after I answered it she wanted to know who it was.  I told her it was the doctor (reminding us of Em's 2 month check up) and she quickly asked, "Oh, we gonna have a baby sista now?"

Still no.

She's a funny one, that's for sure!  I love it when Matt is home to experience her together because we often find ourselves just looking at each other and laughing because she is entertaining us in her own little world!  She talks NON stop and I really don't know the end of her vocabulary.  She has a little lisp and I often find myself interpreting for others, especially people that aren't around her much. I'm assuming this is pretty normal.  

Last friday we officially gave up binkis and she did SOOO great.  We talked about it all week and decided we were going to send them home with her cousin, "baby Cwosby" after he came to play with us on Friday.  I actually had to wake her up from her nap on Friday and we put them all in a bag (including the one in her mouth) and waved goodbye!  I then dropped her off with Matt at practice and headed out to a baby shower for the night.  (Good plan, huh?!? ;)

She picked out a new Dora purse and had a special dinner with daddy and then she went to bed like a big girl!  Evidently the only thing she said was, "Daddy, let's go to Cwosby's house and get ALL my binkis back."  =) Too cute! 

She asked to go pick them up a couple more times over the next few days, but other than that she has moved on just fine.  I have noticed that it takes her a little longer to fall asleep.  I hear her singing on the monitor or just talking to herself for at least 10-15 minutes now, vs. 1 minute with the binki, but she has stayed in her bed and slept through the night just fine.

Finally, our big girl is pretty much officially potty trained.  She even sleeps in her undies!  She had one accident at night (well, it was 6:00AM, but it woke her up) and that has been it.  I'm super excited that I don't have to wipe toddler poop from her bottom, but it's just one more milestone that makes her seem SO big.  She usually needs help in the bathroom (or I'm just anal... haha, no pun intended), but today she came running out to tell me she went poop all by herself... and attempted to wipe all by herself!

Oh the things that are exciting when you become a parent...

And for all of you non-parents out there, believe me, you WILL be excited to talk about poop someday!

I bet you're looking forward to that! ;)

Alright, it's time for me to go cry myself to sleep... and I didn't even START on how much faster Emmitt is growing! I cringe when I hear myself say it because it is SO cliche, but anybody that's a parent knows that it seriously goes by TOO fast! Ugh. 

(Picture courtesy of Jess Harvey.  She rocks!!!)

Oh, how I LOVE this girl!!!

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  1. So big. :( I was thinking that this weekend when she got gum for talking to David. When we were in the car later she asked "Dabid" if she told him "Hi Dabid" again if he would get her more gum. :) Smart little thing! She definitely understands A LOT and it's so fun to watch her personality come out MORE and MORE!!! :)