Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the Love of Fall!

The weather around here has been absolutely perfect, which is why this time of year is my all. time. favorite. But, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that already. ;)

This past weekend was a busy one with family visiting, but we enjoyed every minute of it in pure Autumn fashion...

Madelyn and I headed up to an apple orchard with some friends and picked about 175 pounds of apples (and that's not counting the 90 pounds that Mo picked for her and Robin!) Yeah, we go all out when we do something, what can I say? Don't worry, they aren't all for us. We picked for family too! It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect, so of course my camera battery died about 10 pictures in...

We got some super cute ones of Blake though and I think Mo took some more with her camera as well.

Even though it's harder to be productive, I just love bringing the little kiddos along. Madi and Blake probably bit into at least 10 apples each just because they could. It sounds sort of wasteful, but if you have ever been to an apple farm, you know how many apples are on the ground! Plus, they're delicious and it's just that hard not to, and they would sort of get distracted and drop them or throw them at some point and then remember they wanted to eat one again!

I also love it because my grandparents had apple orchards when I was a little girl and I have wonderful memories of spending long days out in the trees. We could eat as many apples as we wanted and they were absolutely delicious! My Grandma would drive us around on the four wheeler and we would reach up and pick apples as we drove down the rows. We thought it was so cool! We also thought we were going so fast, but I sort of doubt that was true. One time I fell off reaching for an apple and Grandma somehow managed to run over my leg... she was damaged for a long time, but I was fine! Oh the memories... if my mom knew how to operate a camera we might have pictures of those days, but oh well! (I still love her anyway ;)

Some of our partners in crime...

This boy is TOO cute!

"Oma" was our wonderful entertainment! She sang songs and did chicken dances for the kiddos! So fun!!! =) I'm pretty sure this is where the camera died... =(

Can't you tell they're chickens? =)

Saturday afternoon I made a giant patch of caramel corn and I had great intentions of sharing it with lots of friends.

{cough, cough}

The Moodys got some, and so did the Dukes and then my love handles have me to thank for the rest of it.


It was really good though, and maybe, just maybe I'll make more to share!

Or maybe I shouldn't. That's sort of just asking for myself to get fatter.

Anyway, we enjoyed each other's company and late Sunday night Matt pulled out the pumpkin carver and got a little crazy with Madelyn!

Yeah, we're not super artistic around here. Have I mentioned that before?

Please don't show our daughter pictures of your amazing jack-o-lanterns that took 4 hours to carve. We sort of prefer the simple smiley faces.

And in case you're wondering why there is only three pumpkins, mine was turned into a funkin...

Don't be jealous. Mine wasn't nearly as cute as the magazine and Jess' wasn't nearly as cute as mine... ;)

It was a midnight craft project with my sister, but more on that trip later...

I hope you're all enjoying Fall as much as we are! Sunshine, I hope you never go away!!!


  1. So glad you still love me even though I have never been a "camera" lady!!

  2. Jules, I'm just commenting to say that I love you and your blog and the links to other people's blogs on your blog. Mostly I'm commenting to say that i do in fact, read your blog. Thanks for picking apples for me. They are still sitting in my garage-not in a state of applesauce. Please forget that I told you that. It will happen-maybe today.

  3. First of all, my second funkin was WAY cute!!! :) Second of all, where is the blog about our pumpkin patch visit???