Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All Smiles!

Okay, so the title to this blog is probably a little deceiving. All is sort of an exaggeration; about 90% of the time, this is the typical look you'll get from Emmitt.

He is very serious! He has the sweetest little cheeks and he's the best cuddler (at least for Mommy), but life is pretty intense, or so he let's on...

I often here, "Oh, he's grumpy right now."

I have all different kinds of comments in my head, but usually I just smile and say, "Yeah, he's pretty serious."

And he is.

Lately, however, we've been able to buy a couple smiles out of him. Not too many, of course, and usually they're for his Daddy (or sister), but they're making their way out of him, and we even caught a few on camera!

(Madelyn is such a good big sister. I wish I could record her little voice when she talks to her "brudder". It's so "cooey" and sweet! ;)

It's amazing how different two kids can be. We're still learning so much about both our kids' personalities, but I'm pretty sure Madelyn was born smiling. After she warms up to people, she is generally anyone's best friend. I have a feeling Emmitt is going to be much quieter and reserved. Time will tell. I must say, it is so fun watching them develop into little people! I certainly don't want to wish time away, but I also can't wait to see who they will become!

For now, we'll enjoy all the smiles we can get! =)

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  1. Umm, please bring those sweet cheeks up here for me to kiss!! :)