Thursday, October 13, 2011


This post is completely and utterly inspired by our daughter's desire to wear last year's Christmas dress yesterday. And being the good mom that I am (and the fact that we weren't planning on going anywhere ;), I let her indulge! She slipped into this beauty and we "ooed" and "awed" over what a beautiful princess she is!

But please, girls, does she not fit in perfectly with this year's trends?!?

Super puffy and way too short! =)

The shall is probably a little cheesy for high schoolers and no, she does not have spaghetti straps underneath there, but come on?!?

You have to also appreciate her desire to wear her purple Nike's with the dress?


She's got style!

And a classic pre-festivities homecoming picture with Nana. ;)

The whole thing was pretty much cracking me up!

And if you're interested in more laughs, here you go...

11 years ago to this day (Yes, it was Friday, October 13th) Matt and I were dressing up to head out to homecoming as well!

This last Saturday Matt and I snuck away for dinner (and almost a movie... we didn't quite make it in time) and we couldn't help but smile as we ironically ended up at Red Robin amongst 30 other ex-students who were out celebrating homecoming together! Yeah, weird how that always seems to happen. Anyway, it was fun to watch kids hanging out and of course check out all of the beautiful dresses! My have things changed in the last 11 years!


It sort of makes me feel old to know that I've watched styles come in and then go out...

Oh well.

Thanks for that "romantic" night 11 years ago, Matt! I sort of liked our low-key evening we spent together this year instead! I love my family. I love my life!

Happy Homecoming Kids! =)

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