Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our First Trip to the Patch...

As I sit here rockin' out to pandora, my family is all sleeping blissfully... just like I should be. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time grasping time, but ever since Emmitt was born I feel like time has just stopped. Can it really be October? I honestly never know what day of the month it is. I usually try and guess a number that seems way farther away than it really is and then I'm still short by about a week. It's probably going to be Christmas any day now and I will have just finalized Madelyn's Halloween costume. It's a good thing she's only two... maybe she'll never know the difference! Anybody up for stockings and trick or treating? Talk about a seriously "over stimulating" combination!

Speaking of costumes, I asked my sister in law if we could borrow "the" tiger costume for Madi this year and I was SO excited for her to try it on. After convincing Madelyn that it would be oh-so-cozy, she reluctantly put it on and looked in the mirror. I put on my super-excited-mommy-face and told her how cool she looked and said, "Don't you want to be a tiger for Halloween?"

She gave me an extremely pathetic look and said, "No, Madi wants to be Pinkalicious!"

I don't think there will be any changing of minds around here...


Now for a Pinkalicious costume...

is it still October?

Anyway, in an attempt to celebrate Fall (sans the 4 loaves of pumpkin bread I may or may not have baked this week and may or may not have eaten... all of them) we packed up and headed out to Bauman's for our first attempt at a pumpkin patch this year!

I can NOT believe how much these two have changed in a year! Here's their picture from the patch last year...

(not to mention the fact that they both have a younger sibling now... and it's only been a year, yikes!)

So sweet... if only I could freeze this thing called "time"...

Baby Jude is so sweet. I told Madelyn that we were going to the pumpkin patch with Kade and she said, "Baby Jude gonna be there?" I said, "Yes, of course, and Kari." My reply was met with a high pitch squeal and, "Madi likes baby Jude!" =)

Sorry, Kade!

Notice how "into" this goat Madi is? Yeah, let's just say she has a ways to go on being "brave"...

I'll spare you the horrible mother story where this tiny innocent goat started walking toward Madelyn with the result being high pitched screams and buckets of tears...

No one called child services.

And on my defense, the goat didn't even touch her!

It was all for the love of a good picture.


Kade, on the other hand, had no problem petting the cute little baby goat that got loose!

It pays off to have men in your life...

There's just no words to express Kari and baby farm animals. =)

Love is an understatement... ;)

Emmitt pretty much just chilled the whole time! He likes to fool people into thinking he just sleeps peacefully all day when we're out and about... maybe he's trying to tell me something?

And no pumpkin patch trip is complete without hot cider and an apple cider cake donut!

Aw! Food is just so comforting.

Thank you Fall for tickling our taste buds!

Now off for some shut-eye!

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  1. LOVE it!!! :) Umm, I think one pumpkin patch is not enough, how about one in Washington too???