Monday, August 1, 2011

3 on 3...


Sometimes that's all you feel like doing when busy weekends like ours finally come to an end! It was a lot of fun and it is a wonderful feeling of relief that it is finally over.

This was the first year that Matt has been involved with any 3 on 3 events (other than just playing or watching) and it was definitely a first to organize the whole event! It was good practice to have helped last weekend at Hoopla and thankfully our little town doesn't have quite the same turn-out. ;)

The event started bright and early Saturday morning, as most people just show up to register the day of. We had a total of 33 teams participate in 5 different division brackets. It would have been nice to have had enough teams to have brackets for all age divisions, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough (especially in the girls' brackets). People were very understanding though and everyone had a great time, even if their team ended up playing up or down.

Summer Fest is an annual event that is held on the streets of downtown Stayton every summer. It brings out local businesses, churches and organizations from all over town as they set up booths to advertise and share services. I think the 3 on 3 tournament has been a part of the street fair for the last 14 or so years. It's a pretty awesome event that allows people to relax, have fun, and get sunburnt...

This cute guy showed up too, so I just followed him around all day.

Just kidding.

He followed me around all day... as such, I got a little suspicious of him...

(Why do I do this to myself?)

It was the only picture proving that I showed up for the whole day! He must have been messing with my brackets and I was a little suspicious of him...

These little boys were so cute. I sort of wanted to pinch their cheeks. I think 6th grade is a little old for that though, so I just used my zoom lens instead...

And finally, the winners of the whole event...

Eight teams participated in the "open division" which has a grand prize of $400! The tournament is double elimination so if you lose one game you can still go undefeated from then on and make it to the championship game (which is what these guys did).

It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. Like just how confusing brackets really are! I also learned that I can do a pretty good job of staying in the shade for most if not all of the day when I'm 9 months preggo... Unfortunately not everyone was so lucky!
(Sorry about your luck, Jess)

I'll try and get some after pictures of sunburns next year!

The baskets were all down by 4:00 and the streets were close to naked again. Enough sun had been soaked up and we were all exhausted! Thanks to all of the volunteer help it went off with very minor glitches! Matt already has ideas of how to make it even better next year and I have even more plans for a larger "shady" area. (Maybe even a giant fan or a sprinkler tent?!?! ;)

But, most of all I kept thinking about how thankful I was that this year at Summer Fest I wasn't pushing my husband down the bumpy streets of Stayton in a bright red wheel chair. He may have felt like he needed a wheelchair that night and especially when he rolled out of bed the next morning, but all in all it was quite the improvement! I'm sure ending the weekend with a nice massage from the one and only Haley Jo was an added bonus! Today he's off at another golf tournament thanking sponsors at one of the tees, but tomorrow we're headed to the beach, just the three of us and we. can't. wait.

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  1. Props on how quickly you blogged! I'm so impressed!!! :) Thanks for letting me hang out with you cool people! I'm so lucky to have such popular siblings like you!!!