Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Road Trip...

Yes, yes, I realize I have been slacking on the ol'-blog. I was just going through some of our pictures too and noticing how many things I had hoped to post, but still haven't gotten to... such is life! We're trying to keep up with the speed of life and enjoy every ounce of this summer and I suppose it hasn't allowed for me to be at the computer much. Or I've just been lazy - take your pick!

Anyway, this weekend was Hoopla - for all of you valley-ites that's probably old news, but for those of you who don't live around here it's a giant 3-on-3 basketball tourney that is held in downtown Salem. Apparently they had a record amount of teams enter this year (somewhere around 670?!?) and the weather was awesome! All that to say, Matt was committed to volunteering at Hoopla all weekend (Thur night-ish - Sunday) and although Madi and I would have gone for a bit to see some of the excitement, we really didn't have much plans to hang out on 90 degree black top all day long!

As such, we decided to plan an impromptu road trip to see "the" sista with Nana! It was perfect! Thankfully the sun decided to shine in Tacoma, as well (a very rare-occassion, I know)!

Jess just got discharged from the Army and started a new job a few weeks ago. She's a prison nurse - Pierce County Jail welcomed her with open arms. Apparently that's what the Army does for you - hooks you up with one tough job after another... ;) She's been waiting for her new place to be ready for her and she got the keys on Wednesday - just in time for us to come cozy the place up for the weekend.

... or jump in the pool on Friday night.

The pool on the roof of the complex overlooks Commencement Bay In Tacoma

Unfortunately I pretty much sucked at taking pictures after Friday night. Maybe because we were pretty much slave-driven the rest of the weekend.


Well, sort of. Saturday was spent with the plumber fixing the faucets/shower/garbage disposal, etc. and then with about five different stops at stores like Target, Wal Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Furniture Outlet, IKEA, World Market... you name it! I do have one picture of Madi on Saturday night (taken on my phone) after an afternoon/evening of shopping. Let's just say she had pretty much dropped and I was smart enough to have brought along the binki (props to me)....

Here she is smashed between two pillows and a new rug. Who knew BB&B could be so comfy?!?

Our final evening of play was on Sunday when we went up to Josh & Krista's house for a birthday BBQ for Josh! We had some time to snuggle baby Jude and enjoy some good food!

Evidently the belly works as a nice little pillow (38 weeks). Jude is getting big fast, but what's new, right?!?! :(

As for the condo, it looked MUCH better when we left than when we got there... so much organizing, and furniture to actually sit on! I didn't take any before and after pics, but I'll have Jess send some once the couch finally arrives! My favorite was probably the cubicle bookshelf from ikea (although it sort of stresses me out because the boxes on the shelf aren't fully organized yet - she promised me they would be shortly)! We can't wait to go back in September and enjoy Jess' bed again with everything in its place!

As Matt put it, I was sort of in heaven spending someone else's money and organizing all weekend. Hey, it never hurts to live vicariously through other people every now and then, right?!?!

I have no desire to be a prison nurse, however; so the fun stopped on Monday morning when Jess had to go back to work and we drove back to reality...

Anybody else need my assistance spending their money and organizing their life? You have my contact info.


  1. hahaha! Thanks again sista! It turns out your normal organizy self with your prego nesting self is a great combo for tons of boxes full of my junk ;) Love you!

  2. I'll gladly take your help! You can spend my money and organize stuff for our baby room! =)