Monday, August 22, 2011

Still Here...

No. My absence of blogging does not mean I have had a baby.

Still pregnant.

And evidently I'm just getting lazier... we've done a pretty good job of keeping ourselves "busy". We had a garage sale at my brother's house last weekend (while Madi went camping for the night with her cousins)! We then continued to clean out and re-organize the garage the rest of the week, along with random other things (picking & freezing broccoli, dr's apts., etc.). Matt started heading back into school to get ready for the year and we spent this weekend in the sun at a splash park and then celebrating Matt's birthday with a BBQ on Sunday!

I'm sure I left out a couple things, but all-in-all, just the typical "summer stuff"...

Madi loves going to the park and she seems to enjoy splash parks, but she has been funny about how "wet" she actually likes to get this year. It sort of surprises me because she was awfully brave last summer (and obviously much younger), but this year she just prefers to circle the water and observe other kids.

What can I say, she's pretty good at people watching.

I'm not sure where she gets it...

On her defense, when a grown adult decides to wear a white tank top (without a bra) to a splash park and then proceeds to get drenched with her children, it is sort of intriguing.

And we weren't even in Westown!

Okay, sorry about the tangent - and no, I didn't take her picture!

We had lots of fun! But the fun really began when Nana and Papa surprised us and showed up as well!

Lets just say she was sort of forced to get wet with Papa! =)

We're glad the sunshine has finally decided to stay for a while! We've enjoyed the heat, even if we only dance around the water! =)

**On a baby note: I have another "non-stress" test tomorrow and then they'll schedule the induction date... evidently our babies seem to think they need a little longer "germination" period than most! Here's to being 10 months preggo in the middle of August!!!**

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