Friday, August 5, 2011

Just Peachy!

For all of you who are dying to know if I got my peaches canned - I did!

My mom and I spent all of Thursday (from about 9 to 6:30) peeling, slicing, and boiling until we had finally contained well over 140 pounds of peaches into 98 pints worth of jars! It was a fabulous time! There's something about storing food away for the winter that makes me feel just a little bit like Laura Ingalls Wilder and I LOVE it! I realize she probably put a little more work into canning her peaches, but I think she'd still be impressed with my efforts.

And in case you were wondering, I did not pick these peaches myself. They were ordered through Zaycon Foods, (which I'm sort of obsessed with right now) and they were amazing!!! I'm happy to report they did not disappoint. Between my mom and myself we ordered three units, which was a total of 6 boxes. All of the peaches came straight from orchards in Washington and were tree ripened. They were large, delicious and very juicy!

Madelyn can attest to it, as she has been quarantined outside every time she has eaten one!

I don't think she really minds though... She stands by the window with a steady stream of juice dripping off her elbows and enjoys every bite!

Back to my Zaycon soap box: if you're interested in purchasing bulk amounts of fresh meats or fruits, I can not recommend them enough! I have only ordered chicken breast through them so far (and peaches), but I am about to place an order for ground beef and I am confident that I will be happy with any of their products! The first time I ordered through them I purchased two units of chicken and my brother picked it up for me. He didn't realize (and I hadn't specified) that he was supposed to be getting 80 pounds, so he only came home with one unit. When I e-mailed Zaycon about the problem they got back to me within a few hours and then followed up with a phone call the next day to make sure the problem had gotten solved. They offered to reimburse me my money or gave me another date and time to pick the rest of the order up! They were super friendly and helpful and I could not have been more impressed! It's a family owned company that has grown (out of obvious popularity) and I'm happy to support them whenever possible! The chicken breasts are GIANT, fresh (never frozen) and are grown hormone free. We are almost out of our last order and I'm anxious to stock up the freezer again this fall!

Alright, thanks for listening! ;)

I'm going to go enjoy a bite of peaches n' cream pie that was inspired from this recipe post.

Don't be jealous.


  1. So how many days of babysitting do I have to do to earn a jar of peaches?

  2. I would love to learn your canning methods! I've never done it before, but am very interested. Will you post a how to blog??

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  4. Cute picture of Madi with the peach! I've never heard of it before. but you've got me very interested in Zaycon. Do you remember how much the chicken costs?