Monday, August 8, 2011

Waverly Park

Sunday was a beautiful day and we couldn't resist finding somewhere to go to spend it in the sun. On our way home from church we agreed that we'd pack a picnic that evening and head back down to Albany to try and catch a couple fish at Waverly Park.

Madi was pretty excited to use her fishing pole again, but I think she was even more excited that she got to wear a hat like Daddy...

This was the result of Matt trying to teach her to keep her "tip-up".

The pink and orange power bait proved to be the next favorite part about fishing this time. I mean who doesn't want to play with something that resembles playdough and comes in a little jar?!?!

A couple small fish were finally caught on Matt's pole and as you can see Madi wasn't about to let her eyes leave that thing, even for a picture...

We had to take a picture of all of us in our "baseball hats" because Madi couldn't stop talking about them. Unfortunately the timer shot focused on our arms instead of our faces. Oh well, such is life!

Our picnic was delicious and we treated ourselves to 50 cent ice cream cones and free baby cones on the drive home. Quite perfect, if I may say so myself. ;)

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  1. Looks like a fun time fishing! Love the picture of her and Matt with the fish. So cute!!