Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's not everyday you head to the Oregon Coast and find it looking like this...

In fact, it probably only happens a few times a year. Then again, I may be sort of a pessimist. Either way, we lucked out! We packed our flip flops and "the" princess towel early this morning, hit Starbucks on our way through Salem and ended up here just in time to enjoy the view and beat the crowd to lunch!

Madi is known for having a serious side, or two - coloring was on the top of her list when we got to Mo's.

This girl could NOT have been happier to be at the beach watching the sea lions!

I bought the Oregon Coast Aquarium Groupon way back when (and a gift certificate to Mo's throgh Portland Perks...) and we had until October to use it so we've been trying to nail down a day to head to the beach this summer and enjoy ourselves! I'm so glad we were patient because there could not have been a more perfect day!

After all the sea creatures had been seen, we found a secluded beach between Newport and Depot Bay and threw out the towels! It was beautiful (my only complaint was the annoying sand fleas, but we left them all back on the beach - or so I hope)!!

Emmitt can finally come now. Well, actually, I should probably clean this house first and I have 60 pounds of peaches to can that I'm picking up tomorrow night (although, I'm just fine with letting my mom finish that chore for me should this baby come sooner ;)! Our daycation to the beach was perfect. It was a wonderful way to top off a very busy weekend!


  1. Jules, you look beautiful - you do 'pregnant' well! We did the Aquarium Groupon as well, how could you not if you have kids? Glad that you guys had a nice time at the beach!

  2. What!!! I heard that comment about "mom" canning all 144# of peaches (that I just picked up for us)! Hahaha.....hold on Emmitt just one more day! JK! Love you. mom