Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day!

Well, the favorite holiday of the year has come and gone and once again, we Staytonians did a great job of celebrating! We really never seem to have a problem with it...

Our tradition started off with a BBQ at the Pynchs' house, followed by the annual parade (which, yes, is rather lame, but there's still free candy so can you really complain?), the authentic softball game, and of course a wonderful firework show! My favorite part is that we never have to get in a car the whole day - sometimes it's just too convenient to live in a small town! ;)

I pretty much just took pictures at the parade. It would have been just a little too much effort to get the camera out when we were eating, and truth be told I may have lost my spot in the buffet line...

There's proof that Matt was able to play softball this year, which was a little different than last year's sideline seat. It was fun to watch him once again, although it might be a little disappointing that the days of endless home-runs are over, but as we often say to each other, it is what it is... and it was certainly better than sitting in a wheel chair!

Our sweet baby girl was slightly afraid of the giant firetrucks at the beginning, which made her awfully snuggly and she kept asking to go back to "Abbie's house"...

She quickly made a new best friend though when Robin pulled out her bag of treats...

Did someone say bubbles?!?

Don't mind the gimpy arm in the far right... that's just Mary trying to keep all of the blood from running to the end of her arm. ;)

Let's just say that it was either a bad year, or we really are all getting older... I like to think of it as the first excuse!


Sort of typical again...

And sweet Michael was also afraid of something... I caught him sprinting between people to get as far away from the parade as possible. He finally ran into a brick wall and decided hiding his face was the best option for protection?!?!

I don't know. He's sort of a weird kid. ;)

We had to document Jon's first presence at the parade! (And Blake's too, of course) Too cute!

My Faves.

A comfortable outfield position.

Hope you enjoyed celebrating the greatest American holiday out there! We won't put our red, white and blue away for good, we'll just simmer down for a while! =)

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