Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Practicing...

We've had a wonderful weekend thus far, and we get to continue enjoying it with family and friends through tomorrow! Ah! How wonderful! My brother and his wife and of course, baby Jude came to town on Thursday night, along with my sister and a couple of her friends! Grandma Missy was in town this week as well and yesterday I was SO blessed with a wonderful baby shower given by my sweet sisters and Mama... what fun!!! ;)

In the meantime we were able to sneak in a few snuggles with this little guy, but as you can see Uncle Matt was sort of a hog...

Big surprise!

He's always been a baby stealer.

We got to snuggle baby Jude all to ourselves until our groggy two year old came stumbling out of her big-girl-bed with her classic I've just had the best sleep in my life bee-hive hair!

She rocks it well.

She loves babies, and even among her sleepiness she was still ready to climb up in her Daddy's arms to check out the littlest human to be in our house in a long time!

Matt asked if we could borrow him for a month and then give him back when Emmitt arrives. Krista wasn't too into it.

I'm pretty sure every Daddy deserves a little girl and a little boy in each arm though

But once again, I may be a little bit biased.

I'm sure you'll see many more pictures with this guy and cute babies in the future, and a lot of them will probably involve him staring at the back of his eyelids...

I'm telling you. He really is a baby stealer!

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