Friday, July 15, 2011

37 Weeks...

Well, this summer is flying by and before we know it August is going to be here (and so will our little boy)! I had a doctor's appointment today and I will officially be heading in every week from now on out. Matt and Madi decided to tag along and we made a morning of it by heading down to the carousel and playing at the park for a little while. I even remembered to bring our camera, which I was so excited about... until I pulled it out and it wouldn't work!

**Note to self: Digital cameras are useless without SD cards inserted in them...**

I've sort of always been paranoid that I would do that, but I've never actually gone somewhere and then realized I didn't have my memory card. I suppose I can blame it on the preggo-brain, right?!?

Oh well, I guess our phones came in handy... it just sort of stinks when I'm used to taking "real" pictures...

Madelyn was in heaven! We went to the park first while we waited for the carousel to open. She's very into being a big girl and is always saying things like:

"Dada, watch this!"

"Haha, look at me!"

"This is SO fun!"

It's pretty cute... And so is she...

She rode the carousel twice, once with each of us. Although, I think if she had it her way she would have ridden it enough times to ride on every horse there... We distracted her by saying it was time to go look at the boats down by the river.

We then discovered the "splash park", which neither of us realized was there... Madi was a little disappointed that we didn't bring her "pin-sess towel" (AKA "Princess Towel") and that we wouldn't let her get naked, but she quickly got over it...

She was pretty wet by the end (this wasn't quite the end), but enjoyed every minute of it! We walked around a little bit longer to dry off and then headed home for some lunch (and shut-eye!!!)...

It was a perfect Friday morning, really.

On a baby note: everything is a-okay... Emmitt was head down (hopefully for good), but he is still VERY active. You can always get him to give you a good kick, or punch or head bang if you push on him in the slightest. Apparently he's gonna be a fighter, and chances are his arms and legs are about twice as long as the normal sized baby... he's sort of doomed.

Noodle arms?


I've never heard of such a thing...

Chicken legs?


No family pic from today, but I did steal one from last weekend (at Matt's 10 year HS reunion)...

Hello, fat-face, I can't wait to say goodbye to you!


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  1. Very cute pictures of you guys on the carousel!