Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Town, USA

I know that it's practically Christmas shopping time and I'm just now blogging about the 4th of July, but please cut me some slack...

The Fourth is our all-time-favorite holiday! We spend it with friends (and family) and we have traditions... shocking, I know!

This year we added a new tradition to our day, which is already pretty full. We decided to get up early and walk in the 3K Fun Run/Walk for the National Kidney Foundation. It was two days and two weeks after Matt's big surgery, and he did AWESOME!

Matt's two nephews, brother, sister, and parents came over to join in on the fun! (Please note the amount of red/white/or blue that is being worn in this picture... so proud of them! =)

Matt walked across the start line and the finish line, but may or may not have had help in the middle. =)

Our little family after the race!

Next we moved on to a bar-b-que at the Pynchs' house followed by Stayton's 4th of July Parade!

In all honesty, it was kind of a lame year for the parade, but Madi sure got the idea down...

The clan watching/waiting for the parade!

Madi dancing to some 'tunes!

Sweet baby Michael and Madi sitting on Auntie Krista's lap...

My two faves...

And second-to-last, but certainly not least, we did a little softball watchin'...

No, none of us Olsons played this year, but we had fun watching everyone else get sweaty!

... and eating licorice, of course!

We ended with some *cough* stellar *cough* fireworks, and called it a day!

Until next year Fourth of July... we sure love you!

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