Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Stauffer-Will Farm

May 14th, 2010 was the PERFECT day for a field trip... especially a field trip to a farm! This is the fourth spring I have taken my group of fourth graders to the Stauffer-Will Farm in Aurora. It is one of my FAVORITE field trips and this year definitely registered in as one of the best! The kids were great, and the sun was shining, what more can you ask for? Oh yeah, and the restrooms weren't out of order - that always helps too! =)

This is NOT a very good class photo, but unfortunately none of them turned out very well. =( Oh well, almost everyone is in it (We're missing Mrs. Sheppard) but we have Mrs. Moody! =)

This is just ONE of the stations the kids get to rotate through! Each student cuts their own piece of wood to make a candle holder!

This group is about to enter the chicken coop and make some candles!

I just liked this shot...

And this is the front of the old Stauffer-Will home! I just LOVE it. I'm pretty sure if I had the opportunity I would flash back and live in the 1800's. When I was in fourth grade, I could not read enough books about the "olden days"... Little House on the Praire, Amish books, you name it! I think that's why I love this field trip so much! The only thing that would really top it off is if our whole class dressed up in trousers, old dresses, aprons, hats and bonnets... maybe someday... until then, I'll just close my eyes and dream! May 14th, you were a fun day!

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  1. Hey Jules... I think when I was in 4th grade I went there, or to a place that was just like it. But Ms. Allen made us dress up like we were in the olden days with old dresses, aprons and bonnets. It was a blast! Glad you enjoyed yourself!!!