Monday, May 24, 2010

More Prayers

I haven't been very motivated to update our blog this weekend. It turned out to be a fairly busy weekend, which added to the distractions list...

We did hear back from Matt's surgeon late Friday night, Dr. Porter, who I absolutely love so far. He is British and his accident is just too much! He's very personable and I just really like him. Anyway, he called around 6:00 on Friday night and Matt had just run to school to grab some things so I talked with him. Unfortunately, I was distracted because Madi started fussing the instant he called and I was trying to juggle her so that she wouldn't make too much noise and take notes/listen to what he had to say. This is what I caught:

- The CAT Scan showed that the tumor originates somewhere on the spine (I did not catch where - which is annoying, but it is what it is)
- The vascular surgeon and neurosurgeon will be there for surgery
- We need to come up a few days early again to have an MRI done so that they can see the spine better to decide if they will have to do 2 surgeries to remove it completely (one from the front and one from the back).
- We will meet both the vascular surgeon Dr. Raker, and the neurosurgeon, Dr. Nussbaum when we come up early.

There are other small details he mentioned, but this was the majority of the information. I did ask Dr. Porter if they have to do two surgeries how close together they would be and he said that he would leave that decision up to Dr. Nussbaum (the neurosurgeon), because he would take over from there. We are supposed to call today to schedule with Dr. Porter's secretary. We'll keep you posted! Thanks for your continued prayers! As this seems to get more and more complicated I am beginning to worry more about the insurance coverage, etc. I am going to talk to Dr. Porter's office today and make sure they have the paperwork from Dr. Pierce's office saying that we were referred their by Dr. Nichols (for insurance purposes).

On a brighter note, we received the EOB from our insurance regarding Matt's biopsy, and ER visits and everything was covered 100% - TOTAL PRAISE!!! (It was well over $3,000 for just Salem Hospital's bill)

Thank you again for your prayers! We have definitely felt them and we are trusting God for a continued peace!

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  1. Jules, praying for you guys.... please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you, babysitting, bringing food, whatever!