Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Good Book...

Madelyn turned one last week and sometimes we wonder if she thinks she turned 12...

Her little independent personality is REALLY coming out lately and she all the sudden seems SO grown up!

I'm still nursing her at night and she's even started acting like she's too big for that sometimes...

Tonight she wanted to read Daddy's magazine that was on the bed, so I got a bunch of her board books so that we could do some REAL reading (which we do often)!

She didn't even mind that I was taking pictures. In fact she did a very grown up thing and pretty much just ignored me.

Yup, it has begun...

When she's busy folks, she's busy!

How dare I try and interrupt this girl for a smooch or two, let alone a smile for the camera!

We enjoyed or bedtime stories... well, what Madelyn let me share with her, that is!

I don't know where she gets all of this personality from, but we sure are enjoying it!

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