Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Favorite Guy...

We've had a long 24 hours... Matt's been having some abdominal pain that started on Wednesday morning. He went to the doctor on Wednesday thinking maybe it was a hernia and after many tests were run... they found NOTHING. Don't you just love results like that?

Thursday came around and he woke up feeling okay and headed off to work again. He called me around 10:00 and said the pain was worse and when he called the doctor they told him to go to the ER if his pain was getting worse. So... he came home and headed to the ER and I took Madi to Mom and met him over there. After sitting in the ER for three and a half hours, we finally had some "results"... Matt had a very large "mass" behind his abdomen. The ER doctor definitely wasn't nice, but he did his job and for that we are VERY thankful. When he came in to give us the CT scan results he had already scheduled an appointment for Matt to have an immediate biopsy at Salem Hosptial. We headed straight into Salem (around 2:30) and Salem Hosptial did an awesome job of getting Matt prepped and ready for the biopsy. The procedure lasted a little over an hour and then we hung around for another two hours before Matt was released. They gave him LOTS of "good stuff", so he was a little "rummy", but very relaxed, which was the important part! =)

Praise the Lord we had an awesome physician, Dr. Hirasaki, who performed the biopsy. He also knew that we were not going to be able to have the results until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest. However, we received an unexpected phone call around 10:00 today and Dr. Hiraskai had gone into work on his day off just to check Matt's results. He called on his cell phone to let Matt know that the tumor is NON cancerous and is known as Ganglineuroma. It will have to be treated (removed), but from what we can tell is not life-threatening! Praise the Lord! We're hoping to meet with Matt's primary care physician on Monday and receive a referral for a tumor-specialist. We have no idea what the time frame looks like, but hopefully it will all happen quickly as Matt is very uncomfortable, especially when he's up and moving!

We are SO thankful for our wonderful friends and family who have been praying non-stop! Our prayers have been answered! God is good!

I love you babe!

... and Daddy! =)


  1. Oh Jules, how scary! I'm so grateful that it's not as bad as feared, though we will be praying the surgery goes well and is successful!! Hope you are alright and that Matt is feeling okay!

  2. Praise God Matt is going to be okay. I was up almost all night worried about him. I didn't like seeing my big brother laying in that hospital bed. But I did enjoy his humor while he was still "rummy" I love all three of you!!!

  3. Glad to hear that everything turned out okay for you guys! That's so scary! We'll be praying that he can get it taken care of quickly!

  4. Love you guys. :) Very thankful.