Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Well, it's official! Our baby girl turned 1 today! One year old... I can hardly believe it! It's been a wonderful year and we did our best job celebrating this weekend! Madelyn shares her birthday with her big cousin, Michael, who turned three! So, we decided to have a joint birthday party with family at the Carousel in downtown Salem.

Madelyn wore her new yellow tutu and she played the princess role quite well!

This was the face that we got pretty much the WHOLE night as she tottled around and showed off her walking skills!

Mommy and Daddy took Madelyn on her first carousel ride and she LOVED it! She held this face the WHOLE time! =)

Grandma Missy, Auntie Whitney, and cousin Riley took Madi a second time and she got to ride the "birthday" horse!

Here's Seven, Nana, Birthday boy Michael and Uncle Josh riding the carousel!

Madelyn was quite spoiled and this is a picture of just one of her ride-on toys that she received from her Uncle Kyle and Auntie Katie!

Mommy and Daddy gave Madelyn a new baby doll, which she absolutely LOVES!

She also got a new stroller (that matches hers =) to push her baby with!

And as you can imagine, we ended the night properly with a nice plate full of cake and ice cream!

We were absolutely SHOCKED when she ate every last bite of it! ;)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We love you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!


  1. That is just shocking that she ate her cake, I just can't believe it. :) Glad you had such a special day, it looked like fun!! Our daughters have a lot of toys in common...I just wish we lived closer for more play dates!!

  2. Ahh, sooo cute. Sad I couldn't see her in all her cuteness. ;) I'll live vicariously through the pictures! Thanks for sharing!