Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Peterson Rock Garden

As usual, I have lots of pictures that I had hoped to have blogged about by now, but instead it's been two weeks since my last post and I still have a folder full of pictures.  


I guess that's just life.  So, since one child is awake now and one will be soon, I'll make this short and sweet and upload a TON of pictures. =)

A couple weekends ago we  made the trek over the mountains and through the woods to Matt's parents house for the weekend.  We knew it would be the last time we'd have the chance to head over there before the weather turns ugly (uncheck) and basketball becomes all-consuming (check), AND we wanted to enjoy a nice fall weekend hanging out and visiting the Grandparents.  =)

Like always, I packed the camera and then failed to get it out more than once... it was BEAUTIFUL over there and it didn't rain a drop, which is quite impressive because quite contrary to some people's belief (*cough, cough*) it ALWAYS rains when we head to Central Oregon.  I guess we just bring it with us! ;)

We relaxed. Ate delicious food. Mountain biked. Watched the Duck game, and took a quick trip to this crazy place known as the Peterson Rock Garden outside of Redmond.  We'd been wanting to go there with Madi for a while now because Matt has memories of playing there when he was a little boy.  It's definitely a strange place and when I googled to see if there was a website, this was all I could come up with...

We weren't super sure what to expect since we'd heard it hadn't been taken care of over the past few decades.  I still don't really know how to describe it, to be quite honest, so hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.  Let's just say there were lots of birds: doves, chickens, roosters, and peacocks, and a few cats, strewn all over a bunch of unlandscaped rock statues.  

The statues are very impressive, but the peacock poop...not so much!

Madi and Grandma Missy posing.  (Grandpa stayed behind to make the chili for the football game.):

Feeding the peacocks was definitely a highlight! Madi was very brave and let the peacock eat bread off of her hand.  Emmitt was also very brave and would have taken the peacocks or rooster on in a pecking contest if we had let him...

Have I mentioned he's all boy before?

This picture is just for you, Haley.  It's a snake den that was hidden inside of one of the castles! Super creepy, if I may say so myself.

This was by far my favorite part.  This man-made pond was built around a few islands that had bridges linking them together, very creative and very beautiful!

Who's that pretty girl staring back at me? ;)

This guy is such a poser!

Proof of peacock poop being NOT so cool. 

The island I jumped to when I put my hand in the poo... :(

Madi thought it was so silly that we thought this house would be perfect for her.  "No... it's TOO small!!!" =)

Watchtower complete with a toy army man!

And finally an un-focused family picture with Emmitt squirming like a mad-man while trying to jump into the waterfall!

Did I mention he's all boy

Yeah, I thought so. 

If you're looking for some {cheap} entertainment in the Redmond area, check out the Peterson Rock Garden! It was definitely worth the trip... 

Peacock poop and all!

Thanks for the fun, relaxing weekend, Grandpa and Grandma!

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