Friday, June 17, 2011

Sunshine and Summertime...

I am so in love with summer. I realize it technically hasn't started yet, but for our family it has! We're still holding out for some warmer weather eventually...

But for now, we'll take what we get!

Matt was out of the house early this morning (before I was out of bed, which is impressive) for a basketball fundraiser at Elkhorn Golf Course and our house guest (sweet baby Crosby) was picked up bright and early by his Mama, so Madi and I had a day with a whole lot of nothin' planned. It was great. We cleaned up, did a few loads of laundry, ate some breakfast, got ready for the day and called our buddies Monica and Blake for a walking date! We were gone for almost two and half hours!!! We hit the strawberry stand (twice), went by Safeway (restroom break), stopped at a coffee stand for some delicious cold drinks, and finally headed to the park by the library, where we let Winston swim and played to our hearts content!!! Needless to say, it was almost 2:15 when we finally got back home and both babes had fallen fast asleep by the time we reached our street!

Madi elected to continue her nap for another two and half hours (until we finally decided to wake her up), and I continued my lazy day around the house...

Matt came home, put his leg up for a while and then we bar-b-qued early before he headed off to a basketball game. Madi and I elected to stay home as we know we'll have many opportunities to watch basketball this winter...

And besides, it was just too beautiful not to spend the evening in our backyard! We called our cousins to see if they could come play and Seven came speedily down on his trusty "Cars Movie" bike to spend the evening in his underpants in our backyard.

It was perfect.

I hadn't intended to swim, but we decided to clean the pool up while we were out back and it would have been just plain mean to tell the kids they couldn't strip down after we slaved away on killing off every last bit of winter-bacteria...

So after Seven insisted on calling him mom and telling her about how he forgot some important Green Lantern souvenir and that he needed to leave a pair of swim shorts here for the summer, I told him to just enjoy the evening in his skivvies...

And he did!

Madelyn's diaper and clothes weren't far behind and she insisted on being nakie, so I "edited" a few pictures that were just too cute to leave off. Obviously, I'm a little paranoid of being targeted for child-exploitation...

Please don't turn me in.

And yes, she's copying Seven as she runs and "jumps" into the pool just like him!

Except for this is what her "jump" looks like...

{I realize this picture is a little blurry, but it SO captures our sweet Madelyn...}

There really was no better way to spend our first Friday night of "summertime" than with a little backyard fun!

We missed you, Daddy!
(As you can see by the pictures ;)

Hopefully there will be many more "warm" summer nights.

And hopefully I haven't started something terrible with letting our first evening in the pool be a "nakie" one.

And hopefully no one plans on turning me in to child services.

And hopefully tomorrow's 30% chance of rain really means I'll still have to water the garden on my own! Thank you mother-nature, but I'll take over from here if that's alright! =)

**And clearly we didn't play quite hard enough, because I still hear a little girl talking to a dolly in the room next door. Sigh. We'll try harder next time.**

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