Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's true. This girl has got some style!

I know I should probably take more credit (responsibility?!?) for this girl's attire sometimes. Okay, or maybe lack there-of, but it's just the way that it never seems to phase her that cracks me up! She loves what she loves and it doesn't seem to matter the place or the time, let alone the combination. We had a lazy morning (after a somewhat long night due to the first night in a "big girl bed") and we didn't think it was important to get new clothes on before we got right to work in the backyard with Daddy!

As a quick run down, Madelyn is still wearing her pajama shirt. She insisted on wearing "big girl undies" and preferred the leopard print today. When I asked if she wanted flip-flops so that she could go in the dirt with Daddy she requested her "Nike Shoes", and finally to top it all off her Dor-Dor garden gloves were a must-have for this dirty job! Regardless of whether or not they actually fit (or stay on).

She's an excellent "helper" and is always insisting on "elping Mama" or "elping Dada"...

As you can see, she's got plenty of all-business looks going for her!

Watch out!

This picture is pretty blurry because it was taken through the tomato cages, but her facial expression is priceless! I don't know where she gets it! ;)

Thank you Madelyn for your undivided help in the garden today! No plants were squished or accidentally pulled so I would call it a success! =)

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