Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation: Day 1

This waiting room is getting old, so I'm updating our blog.  I realized when I went through our pictures that we've done a terrible job of documenting our week!  

Oh well... 

Here is to day one...

After Matt's doctor's appointments, we checked into our hotel, the Camlin, and headed back to Renton and picked up Madi from her Uncle Josh and Auntie Krista's house.  J & H gave us a gift card to Cheesecake Factory so we walked the wopping two blocks from our hotel and had a fun family date! 
*Please excuse the horrible picture - I'm still grateful to the stranger that took it! =)*

Madi has been a great trooper!  She loves to snuggle her baby doll in her stroller and "people watch" (just like Mommy and Daddy =). 

It was a fun first day!  We shared a delicious dinner, which I selected, and then an even more delicious dessert, which Matt selected!  We took the slice of cheesecake back to our hotel (white chocolate raspberry - sorry to make you jealous! =) and ate it in the dark while Madi slept!  It was so AMAZING that we decided we should make it a "tradition" and we ate another piece the next night... in the dark! =)  It was great, until Thursday night came around and Matt had to stop eating that morning at 9 and we felt (especially me) oh-so-deprived to not have our traditional "cheescake-in-the-dark" treat!  Very spoiled... I know!

That pretty much entailed the first day!  We loved having a little "vacation" in the midst of this craziness!

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