Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Fun Summer...

As most of you know, it hasn't exactly been sunny here in the Willamette Valley, regardless of the fact that it is now June. So the moments that it's not raining, we have been trying to take FULL advantage of...

I watched the boys for a few hours on Tuesday and this is how we started off our morning.

Aunties can do that if they want to...

I learned later that the boys don't usually get to have the whipped topping and sprinkles on their "cold chocolate milk", which made it an even BETTER treat! =)

It's a good thing I made the boys wait until we got to the park to drink their treats because I'm pretty sure they had them down in under twenty seconds.

Michael was on the slide before I could catch this face!

One of the highlights was definitely climbing up the red slide. Madi started it, of course, and then the boys had to join in as well!

One thing is for sure... this girl plans on having ONE FUN SUMMER!!!

She LOVED being at the park, and she pretty much just ran around like she owned it.

I was with Michael for like two seconds and I turned around and she was half-way up here...

Yes, that would be the top of the BIG slides!

Who needs Mommy to have fun at the park?!?

My favorite 4 year old (who sometimes tries to tell you he's 5...don't believe him, at least not until after July 8th)

And of course, the best attempt at a group shot!

Now if only the sun would come out for REAL!!!


  1. Nice work on getting those kiddos outside on the 30 minutes fo sunshine that we've been blessed with! You are taking great pictures Jules! Madi is going to be so thankful for these!

  2. Great post Juli! What a fun day. we're dying for the sun here too. I can't believe that Madi is running around. the boys will only take like 5 steps at a time. love keeping up with you on your blog!