Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Dinner...

The Lambert Family has started a new tradition.

And for those that know us well, you know we absolutely LOVE tradition!

Our new tradition congregated around one of the coolest picnic tables in the world this week. Okay, so it might just be THE coolest picnic table in the world...

Yes, folks, it's an octagon (and it seats 16).

And yes, it was handcrafted by my brother-himself.

It is my sister-in-law's new birthday present and he made it in about 2 days flat. Let's just say that when he gets an idea it rarely leaves him until the idea is completed. I think it's definitely a good quality (although some could argue that it could be annoying).

Anyway, back to the tradition. Every Sunday afternoon we are coming together to have a "family dinner".

This week we enjoyed the sun (finally) and some A-mazing homemade ceviche!

We were hoping the Mexican neighbors would be out blasting their salsa music, but we didn't luck out.

We finished off our meal with some key lime cake (mmmm).

As well as some melted ice cream...

Some of you may have noticed Madi's cousin in the background and assumed that she is probably just copying what she sees.

Oh, you're wrong! She definitely started the plate licking, and her older cousin definitely copied her!

Matt and I pray regularly that her strong personality is used to glorify God and that someday Madi will proudly stand up for her faith...

because this little girl has got a mind of her own!

And her older cousin is quite the follower (adorable, nonetheless!)

For right now, I think she's got them both right where she wants them.

With, or without her clothes on!



  1. Oh what a fun day it was. We sure do love to make memories!! I must say they include the cutest grandchildren ever!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmmm.....that sure wasn't and isn't Jordan W. This is Nana on my own computer, but who knows how it is saying I am Jordan W. I sure wouldn't know why?!?!?!

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