Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation: Day 2

Day two pictures are much less entertaining!  We decompressed after finally being done with appointments by roaming the big city as a family.  The only pictures we took were in front of the beloved 1st Starbucks!
I like that Madi is craning her neck to people watch in this picture.  There was this crazy lady dancing to drums while some big crazy hippy whispered strange things in her ear.  I can't really blame her for being a looky-lucy... in fact, I think I know where she gets it from!

Here she is with her Mama in the same spot... someday she'll appreciate it a little more! =)

It didn't rain on us and we didn't get mugged!  It was a great night! =)  Mostly because we ended it with another delicious slice of cheesecake!  Mmmm... I can almost taste it now!

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