Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just Like Daddy...

Matt got home from his track meet and jumped in the shower quickly to ensure that he would be clean in time to watch the Blazers tonight!!! I was sitting at the computer in our office when all of the sudden I heard this coming from the living room...

Somebody found Daddy's whistle!

And she clearly knows how cute she is by the look on her face...

She's right, so for the next ten minutes I followed her around with the camera taking pictures of her puffed up cheeks and snotty nose.

She was pretty proud of herself.

I'm sure if you had mastered this many new tricks (walking, blowing a whistle, walking & blowing a whistle) in the last few weeks, you probably would be too! =)

And just when I thought things couldn't get any cuter, she brought out her basketball!

She made it clear tonight...

She wants to be just like Daddy when she grows up!!!


  1. That is so funny and so very cute!

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  4. Super, super cute! I love the puffed up cheeks. =)

  5. I LOVE IT!!! She's so stinkin adorable!!! Snotty nose and all!