Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun...

Well, I forgot to take the beloved "Easter" picture with our little darling in her Easter dress. We were ready for church just in time to head out the door and by the time we made it back we had a VERY tired baby. Does that story sound familiar? Her dress came off in time for food and the rest is documented below.

I have full intentions of re-creating her adorable look - complete with every accessory you can imagine for a 10 month old, but until then you get a little naked baby with the "World's Cutest Grin" and mashed potatoes on every inch of her skin.

Yes, folks even down her diaper...

She LOVES food. There really isn't much more to say. We don't expect it to be long before she will be out-eating her mother.

Yeah, she's probably already passed up her father.

Don't judge. I know how to eat.

But, please, folks, I enjoy every BIT of it, so I feel no guilt! I have long been able to out eat my husband (on my defense, he's not the biggest of eaters...). I'm proud of my skills, and I would really appreciate it if nobody points this blog out to me when I'm 40 years old and fat.

Thank you!

Back to the cute girl...

Now, although we both love food about the same amount, I have DEFINITELY learned a few table manners in my days...

Madi is still too cute to need any, but we do plan on introducing them soon.

I think.

You have to appreciate the "I'm so full all I can think about is a nap" face, right?

I mean, come on, you feel that way too after a delicious Easter meal cooked by your Nana.

It didn't last long before she was carted off to her second bath of the day. It's a common occurrence around our house. We're not ashamed.

And then, there was the Easter egg "hunt"! It's pretty entertaining watching a 10 month old, almost 3 year old, and almost 5 year old look for eggs that are LITERALLY right in front of them.

We're taking them to have their eyes checked this week.

No, but really, it will be a while before the actual "hunt" part takes place.

Until then, we'll just continue to throw eggs out in front of them and watch them wander over and shake them.

Because the shaking part was the FUN part.

It's amazing how much personality this little twenty pound girl has (not that anyone should be THAT surprised). She started shaking the eggs and the boys (who may, or may not be, complete followers) thought she had just invented a new toy. So they started right in as well...

I think these three kids might be the cutest baby and preschoolers in the whole entire world!
(*Please note that Seven NEVER takes his eyes off of his precious little girl... He loves her THAT much*)

And I'm not even biased at all.

Okay, maybe a little.

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  1. Love the pictures! Loved being there with you guys for Easter. It was so nice to be home for the Holiday again. :) Love you! And I completely agree, they may be the cutest preschoolers and baby ever. ;)