Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bottoms Up!

Madelyn has really started liking her sippy cup lately. I think she's just trying to prove to her Mama that she really is becoming a big girl! =(

*Please excuse the snot...*

She loves taking big drinks from her sippy.

... and she's really learned the art of throwing her head back in order to get the water to come out!

Sometimes I have a hard time picking what pictures to put on here so I just put all of my favorites up! ;)

*Insert crazy cousin picture here*
I don't know where he gets it from?!?!
But he sure is cute!!!

She knows she's really scored when she finds one of her cousins' cups because it has juice in it instead of water!!!

Here's the three little bambinos drinking away. Yes, it's just water and juice!

Too cute!!!

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  1. My goodness my niece and nephews are cute! Thanks for keeping me posted from far away. :) Love reading your blog!!!