Friday, April 2, 2010


We spent lots of time during our spring break playing with friends and visiting family! It was wonderful! Madi and I got together with four other girls that I graduated from college (WOU) with and three of them have babies!!! We're still waiting on Angela, cough, cough... =) Madi is definitely the "busiest" out of her little friends. And yes, I'm well aware of it. We tried getting a group shot of the kiddos on the couch and we had to act fast before Madi attempted the one-hand-spring off the front of the couch or gouged eyes out of sleeping 2 month olds-followed by a sweet kiss, of course! BTW, if you haven't had a Madi kiss lately, you're definitely missing out... on a huge open-mouth, slobber dripping, razor sharp teeth sign of affection! We love them! =)

I couldn't decide what pictures to use, so I went ahead and put them all up because I think the progression is the best part!

Unfortunately, I didn't get the first part where Madi decided to wake up poor, peacefully sleeping Kade...

She's just starting to realize that her picture is being taken - time to start posing!!!

Sure, I'll smile!

I'm really good at having my picture taken!

My little jewish babe - too exhausted to sleep a wink in front of friends!

The jealousy is beginning already...

Ponytails... oh how we long to have one!!!

Something is worth cheering about! Poor Kalaya was getting attacked on both sides, but I have to say her U frown is absolutely adorable!

And... I'm outta here guys! Sorry you can't move yet - diving off the couch is pretty fun!

Jessica & Connor, Kari & Kade, Kelly & Kalaya, Angela, and of course Madi and me =)


The next day we had Janelle & Bryson, and Ramie & Judson over to play! Okay, so Madi did most of the playing, but we still can pretend.

Bryson is not too sure that he likes somebody twice his size leaning up against him... Madi, is fine with just posing (as usual...)

And look at this romantic move by Judson... he's giving Madi a foot rub already! I like to think the next picture is Matt telling Judson to get his hands off of her... hahahaha...

Madi thinks it's pretty funny herself!

These kids...

It was a fun week! Thanks for all the fun girls (and little boys - as you can see Madi is very outnumbered with her one girl friend and four boy friends!)


  1. Love the pics!! Poor Kalaya, but that frown is priceless! We need to get together again soooooon! Have a happy Easter!

  2. How fun that you guys were able to all get together! I didn't know Jessica had a baby too!

  3. Ahhh! I used to get updates when you wrote a blog but apparently not any more! I randomly clicked over to you and 'BAM'! You've been blogging!
    Could Madi be any cuter? I love that she's busy, our girls can be busy together! I need someone who can keep up with her! Hop you guys are doing well!

  4. Madi maybe out numbered by her boy friends but at least you know she won't have a hard time finding a date for the prom when that time comes.... in a LONG time...