Wednesday, February 3, 2010

V-Day Preview...

Daddy's little baller!

I got a little camera happy the other day and thought I would share a few of my faves...

She's just that cute!

She can get from one end of the house to the other in 49 seconds flat...

Yeah, I timed her - It sounded like a fun game to me so I just pulled out the ol' whip and cracked it a little.

Don't call DHS, I'm just kidding! I just chased her on my hands and knees and she took off... It's a fun game around our house! =)

Our stylish little girl. Sometimes I think she's too trendy for me to even hang out with her. I mean fur boots, skinny jeans, and a cute cap like this (not to mention her "baby blues" as Daddy likes to call them and adorable smile)... I just can't compete.

I guess she's stuck with me for now! =)

So... here's the bottom line. I found a coupon to order some free photo cards for Valentine's Day, so I tried to take a few pictures of her to use for it. She is so stinkin' fast these days though, so I could only get action shots. Her cheesy grins are quick and I'm just not that fast with my camera quite yet...

If anyone is interested, check out and use the promo code "newbaby". I ordered 40 photo cards and only paid the shipping of $4.99! Pretty sweet deal, I know. I think you can actually get up to 50 for free too - just try adding that many to the cart and then entering the promo code and see what it brings your total down to.

Well, it's time for me to hit the sack. Drinking coffee at 5:00 this evening was not a good idea...


  1. Coffee is a good idea ANY time. Just think, if you wouldn't have drank coffee then you wouldn't have done a blog update. Cute pictures...of course.

  2. Adorable picture of her looking out the window! She's a cutie!

  3. Bah! Her cuteness overwhelms me. But then I remember she's related to me... so, I mean, could we have expected any different? Can't wait until we can go shopping for heels together! Ah, love me some shoes... and hats... and everything else. I have purposely NOT gone into Gymboree or Children's Place in weeks. (Even though I have gotten several ridiculous coupons for them...) K, love you much.