Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Slice of Summer

Madi modeled her swimsuit for us today. She was in her diaper after making a horrendous mess during lunch (as usual) so I decided to try one of her swimsuits on to see if it still fits. Madelyn is going to the Great Wolf Lodge with her Nana and Papa and cousins in March. Jealous? I know. So am I. Actually, I get to go for a few days too. Unfortunately Matt doesn't get to go though because it's during school... =(

Anyway, I wanted to see if any of her suits still fit. This is one of my faves and it still fits! She pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon in it, which just made us wish for summer even that much more!

Kade came to visit and Madi LOVES him. He's definitely working on reciprocating that... Currently Madelyn is just that annoying girl that won't leave him alone. We're trying to teach her that being needy isn't attractive, but...

Getting ready to kiss him...

Obviously not too interested! =)

And... she's going in for it either way! Don't worry he survived! ;) And I think he'll even come back for another visit someday... possibly because his mom will drag him here, but we don't have to admit that part! =)

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  1. It looks like she enjoys be bigger than someone for a change after spending so much time with her cousins. : )